How to Get Sales from your Traffic

CMS Web DesignNo matter how much traffic you generate from Adwords, SEO, Link Building and work of mouth, you will never get the conversions you should if your website is not professional. It must have certain elements like:

  • Easy Navigation
  • Clear Calls to Action (CTA)
  • Phone Number / Contact in Right Header
  • or Banner with Contact info in Footer
  • Legible Content
  • Graphics and Stock Photography
  • Design, Design, Design

Genius Web Development has been designing websites for over 15 years and have used Joomla since it's beginnings in 2006. Since that time, we have grown with Joomla, becoming Joomla Masters and participants in the Joomla Community. We combine our skills in:

  • CMS Web DesignHTML 5 Programming
  • CSS 3 Styling
  • Advanced Typography
  • PHP / MySQL Expertise
  • Web Development
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Web 2.0 Design

and use them to weave a tapestry of online advertising for your organization. We use the latest technology both in software and hardware to develop & host our websites quickly and accurately.

joomla CMS
Wait a minute. What the heck is Joomla, and why should I use it? What is Joomla?

Watch your Site be Built

Once you and your Genius has decided on a base template, we build your website on one of our development servers to avoid any "down time" of your current website. As soon as your Framework is built (about 48 hours), you'll receive an email with a link to your development website. While we are designing your modules, graphics and content, you can provide input and even login to change content! This process eliminates the whole "surprise, here's your website" factor of web development. Website Demos

Once it's Built

Now that your site is ready and you're happy with it, we can either Migrate the new site to your current host, or simply change your Domain's DNS settings to point to our hosting server. Once your website is live we make final adjustments, activate your SEO systems and start the Sitemap & Submission process to get your Organic SEO going.

We're not Through Yet...

If you choose to use our Marketing Package, we install a number of scripts to track your incoming traffic. This data is used to analyze your keyword traffic, Page Loads & Flow through the site and much more to make sure your visitors are going to your CTA landing pages; like Contact, Buy Now, or a Form. We work with you to tweak your website and help you build extra content like Blogs and News, to build your SEO and make your site more important to the Search Engines (PageRank). SEO Services

Ongoing SEO and Service

Some of our clients have been with us for over 9 years, working with us regularly or sporadically to keep their website above their competition. Many have upgraded their websites or changed their templates many times, evolving their website along with their company. Our mission is to make sure that every one of our clients gets the ROI they're looking for from their website. Hosting & SEO Packages

Affordability is the Key

One of best aspects of Genius Web Development is our low prices. Using some of the most powerful PCs in the world, our team using proprietary archive and deployment systems to build websites amazingly fast; and our skills and computer's speed allows us to customize those sites in days instead of weeks or months. Our website packages come with everything you need as a base site; you then can add any Extensions you wish from a library of over 10,000 Components, Modules and Plugins to enhance your website's look and functionality. If you can dream it, we can build it. Website Packages

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Most of our Websites take only 14 days to build! Made in the USA, we never outsource.
CMS Web Design

CMS Web Design

Fast, Accurate, Web 2.0 Web Design Services based on the Joomla CMS.

Website Hosting

SEO & Hosting

With 99.9% uptime, we'll host, maintain, submit and monitor your website.

Site Security


Our servers and sites have extra protection against hackers and spammers.



Best web design support in the business, we'll even answer the phone! No, really; try us!

Technologies We Use

  • php
  • jquery
  • git
  • html5
  • js
  • sql
  • python
  • java
  • node
  • post