Warp Theme Framework

Warp Theme Framework

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Website frameworks or Themes are developed by using best practices to provide you with a solid foundation for an individual theme. With a framework you'll usually get a basic HTML template, a base CSS and a JavaScript library. They are also packed with various features like cross-browser compatiblity, search-engine friendly semantic markup, flexible grid layout, asset caching and compression and mobile theme support. There is a whole bunch of theme frameworks out there – one of them is Warp, the framework from YOOtheme that was released as open source. Warp is a lightweight theme framework designed for developers and focusing on simplicity and usability.

How does the Warp theme framework differ from others?

One of Warp’s key features is its cross-platform compatibility. By design it works with different CMS systems like Joomla or WordPress and can even be extended to support others. Warp has a clean separation between the individual theme and the framework. It is contained in a single folder that is located in your theme’s directory. Applying updates or patches to the framework is easily done, because all the generic framework code can be updated independently from the theme code. Warp also covers all aspects in theme development and uses the latest web technologies: Valid HTML5 markup, an up-to-date CSS framework and additional tools using the latest jQuery version. That enables us to build robust and future-proof websites.

Who’s behind Warp?

Warp is actively being developed by full time developers from YOOtheme, our premium theme and extension provider for Joomla. New features are added all the time and bugfixes are provided quickly. The Warp framework is free and distributed under the popular open source GPL license. The Themes we use as a base for your new website are Web 2.0 YooTheme licensed themes, packed with fantastic extensions like WidgetKit, Slideshows, Maps and much more.

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