What is CMS Web Design?

CMS Web Design is the design and programming of a Content Managed Site. Content Management means that you, the website owner, has the ability to log in, edit or add new content. This can be in the form of web pages (articles), modules (items on the sides, top and bottom), and web applications (Components like E-Commerce). CMS sites vary in their complexity and versatility, so choosing the right one for you before you get started is important.

Joomla CMS

Joomla CMSThe Joomla CMS is an Open Source CMS that is very easy to use, and has an incredible array of extensions to increase it's functionality and look. As of this writing, there are over 10,000 extensions for Joomla that do anything from e-commerce to reservations systems, member subscriptions to auction sites - all easily installed and run without any programming knowledge or experience.

With Joomla, you can also easily install extensions, set them up in minutes, create a menu link to them and your done. It's really that easy.


The default editor for Joomla leaves something to be desired, so I recommend JCE Editor for Joomla for it's sheer power in CMS. With this advanced editor, you edit content as easily as using MS Word, insert images from your image library or upload new images with the image manager. You can even insert Read More page breaks, check spelling and format the test any way you want.

Why Joomla?

I've tried many other CMS website systems like Wordpress and found them very difficult to work with, for both the web designer and the customer. Nothing is more frustrating than making a beautiful website, only to have the client upset because it's too hard to do anything. When I first discovered Joomla in 2006, only version 1.0 was available. But even then, I knew it was a great CMS, and I began programming for Joomla shortly after.

Since then the Joomla Community of programmers and users has grown tremendously, with thousands of programmers, developers and designers working together to create the best CMS website system on Earth. With robust features, great security and ease of use, I'm proud to call myself a Joomla Master, and look forward to many years of being able to deliver great CMS web designs to my clients.

CMS Web Design

CMS Web Design

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