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Search Engine Optimization is more than just keywords and META code. Our SEO techniques are the result of years of experience getting our clients to the top of the search engines.
  • SEOProfessional SEO experts design your site and content.
  • Automatic META code generators for perfect META balance.
  • Sitemap systems to link you directly to Google & Bing.
  • Monthly Submissions to hundreds of engines & directories.
  • Backlink Programs to grow your PageRank naturally.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is everything when it comes to your Website design.  SEO is defined as  'the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to a Website from search engines via "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") search results for targeted keywords.' wikipedia

What that means to us regular people is that SEO is optimization of your webpage's content that matches the Guidelines of Search Engines and matches what their Algorithm is looking for in a website. We follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and "White Hat" SEO tactics combined with expert marketing for higher conversion rates.

What makes our SEO better?

SEOWith over 15 years experience in SEO, we're one of the most successful organic search engine optimization companies today. Our clients are all in the top of the Search Engines for their major keywords. Some of our SEO techniques are trade secrets, but we can tell you that they are an intelligent blend of optimization, submission, site structure and backlinks that get the results you need.

Our SEO services combines keyword research, consultation, copywriting,  XML sitemap technology, creating incoming links and submitting your Website to hundreds of Search Engines. What's more is we recognize the importance of content. Content is part of what will make your SEO results jump off of the page! When it comes to putting together content for SEO purposes to market your Website to the audience in which you are targeting, we have unparalleled expertise and understanding. See Steps to Better SEO

"The results speak for themselves; our clients are all in the top results for relevant keywords about to their business or organization."

Can Joomla CMS websites be optimized?

CMS SEO The answer is an unequivocally: yes! We specialize in SEO programs for Joomla! CMS websites, to ensure your site's SEO is constantly updated as you change content; and specialized software (SEF) converts all your dynamic web pages to .html format.

Our CMS sites have a special blend of extensions to do a wide array of SEO functions:

  1. Meta Tags Creation - The site creates META tags automatically based on your content. Use keyword rich content and headlines, and top ten is easy to achieve.
  2. HTML Rewrite technology - converts the normal URL from: index.php/content/article23/ to Buy-Our-Widgets.html
  3. Sitemap generation and tie-in – Your site will generate a Sitemap automatically as you add content, products, profiles, etc. The System is tied into Yahoo and Google Sitemaps, which revisits the site every 6 hours or so. No more submissions and they always know what’s in your site!
  4. SEO Construction – Inside your content pages, we take advantage of every SEO opportunity: all images will have ‘titles’ and ‘alt’ tags; all links off the site will be in another window; all content will be copy-edited for researched keywords (keywords we know people are using for your services)
  5. Google Analytics & Statcounters to track traffic – all sites include a Statcounter account so you can track your traffic, keyword activity and much more to track your traffic and adjust your marketing efforts accordingly.

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