Domain Names

The first step to putting together a website is getting a domain name. Choosing a domain name is important, both for SEO and branding. Many people choose a domain name based on their company name, thinking that is has to be a real company to be a domain name. Not at all; your domain name should about what you do, not who you are.

Buying a Domain Name

Many people out there don't really understand how Domain Names and Hosting works, so if you do, you can skip ahead. Domain Names are generally .com or .net names that you can buy for as little as $10 a year from names like GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Domain Names are not a website, just a name reserved for a Website you still need to build. Once you register a domain name, it is yours for the term you purchased it for (1 to 10 years).

Get Noticed with a $7.99 .Com/.CO from Go Daddy!

Choosing a Domain Name

This is very important! Choose a name that has your major keywords like "" instead of "" for instance. This way, when a potential customer searches Google for a Bakery in Paramus, you have more SEO working for you. Keep ego out of it!

Why Can't You Buy my Domain Name for Me?

We can, but it is more appropriate for you to own your Domain Name; this way, you have full control over it now and in the future. We can still help you get it all setup, but afterwards there is little reason for us to control your Domain Management.

Get Started

To start searching for and buying a Domain Name, click the banner above to go to and get an automatic discount on your order.

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