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Our Web Design, Development and SEO services can take your organization to the next level.
  • Web Design ServicesOur CMS websites are easy to edit & manage, with advanced editors and effects to give your site functionality and beauty.
  • Our content writing, graphic design and optimization drives traffic to your site and converts into sales.
  • Monthly service plans maintain your website and increases your PageRank.

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Web Development Services

Joomla CMS

Joomla CMS

The Joomla CMS is a powerful, versatile Content Managed Site system that is easy to use and manage. Driven by Open Source GPL License, Joomla is free to download and use - so everything we build for you is yours to keep. Joomla has over 10,000 extensions (web applications) to enhance it's function, giving you unlimited growth potential.

Why We're Better

Years of R&D goes into our special version of Joomla, with 3rd party extensions and customized SEO systems to make your site stand out in the crowd. Combined with Web 2.0 templates & tools created specifically for Joomla, we use state-of-the-art effects, color schemes, fonts and typography to modernize and beautify your new website.

Faster Design & High Quality - the Oxymoron of Web Design

WDA has been programming Joomla websites since 2006, and over the years we've development advanced website systems, customizable Components, Modules and Plugins. We put months of programming and testing into our websites, carefully selecting extensions for SEO, tools and effects; then archive them for fast deployment.

Once deployed, we customize every aspect to match your style and needs, adding and configuring Extensions like E-Commerce, Event Systems, Download Managers, Newsletters, Blogs, Catalogs... you get the idea. This process allows us to create amazing base websites with unlimited potential for growth, created in your image - usually within 14 days or less.

Watch Your Site Being Built

Within the first day of your website project, we will have a working CMS site on our development servers that you can view in your browser. While we create your graphics and content, you get to watch it being built, and provide feedback and input during the process. This eliminates the needs for "mock-ups" or revisions. You work directly with your developer, located with here in the USA (Raleigh, North Carolina). We never outsource, so you can be sure you will work with the same designer from beginning to end on your web design project.

Content Writing & SEO

Our content writers will work with your existing marketing content (if any) and write new content for each page of your website. Our writers are well versed in marketing psychology, and know how to create excitement, clear calls to action and generate interest in your product or service. Search Engine Optimization is a key factor in our writing, with keywords, anchor tags and site structure that search engines and humans love.

Proactive Website Maintenance

Our maintenance team works night and day to keep your website's systems up to date and secure from hackers and attacks. Using high tech hardware for hosting and advanced security, you can rest assured your website is safe and working right. Our service also provides site backups and minor content changes, as well as phone and email support.

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Technologies We Use

  • php
  • jquery
  • git
  • html5
  • js
  • sql
  • python
  • java
  • node
  • post